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Our store has just added cat fish toy to its stock. A hot trending product, we’ve got what you need at just $8.99.


  • Premium product quality
  • Competitive price not found elsewhere
  • Wide selection fit for everyone (just choose any Color and Ships From you want)

If you want to learn more, see the unique features of our Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes.


Name: Catnip Fish
Material: polyester + feather + catnip
Size: 22 * 22 cm
Colors: blue, green, pink
Category: cat toys
Package list:1 PC Catnip Fish

In addition, don’t forget about our customer-friendly refund policy and fast worldwide delivery. Then hurry up and don’t miss this rare opportunity to purchase a high quality product for just $8.99 because we’re running out of stock!


I want to buy the Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes you offer. But what makes it better than analogues?
All of our items, including the cat fish toy, are manufactured in accordance with the highest production standards. We also try to set the lowest prices, that’s why we’re sure that we provide our customers with the most tempting offers.

I got a question about the quality of your Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes? Can I be sure it won’t fall apart in my hands, hurt me or something?
When manufacturing our cat fish toy, we use only quality materials. So, there’s no reason to worry.

Why does it only cost $8.99?
Our store works directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, we bear less expenses on intermediary agents.

Will I have to pay extra fees when buying your Tail Eyelashes?
You can see the total order cost together with fees and taxes (if applicable to your location) on the checkout page. Thus, no other expenses will be required.

Is it OK if I write a review on the Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes I bought?
We’re always happy to see our clients spreading the word about our store on the Internet, so feel free to write a review too!

Which advantages did your previous customers indicate in this product?
According to the feedback of our previous customers, this product has turned out to be an exceptionally great buy because it has lots of advantages which you can see in the “Feedback” section.


When I order online, the product sometimes arrives damaged. Are you sure my Fur Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes will survive the transportation?
We pack all orders in a proper way to prevent your purchases from damage in transit, so you don’t have to worry.

Is it possible to get my order delivered to some other address?
It doesn’t matter whether you want us to send the order to your personal address or to any other location because we’ll arrange a top class delivery anyway!

What payment method is it better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
You are free to choose any payment method you prefer. However, it won’t make a difference in the shipping time.

I made a mistake in my order form. How to fix it?
If you need to change your order or completely cancel it, please, contact our support team.

To clarify, do you sell these legally?
When selling the Fur Small to Medium-sized Cats Eyelashes along with the rest of our products, we follow all the required rules and laws, so you have nothing to worry about.

What are the points which make you different from your competitors?
We cherish our reputation and want our clients to keep coming back. Therefore, we don’t deceive customers and cash in on them. We don’t inflate our prices and don’t sell items of poor quality.

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